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I am delighted you have chosen to explore how I, Claire Clifford, founder of CC in HR can help you with your HR related journey.

If you are looking to banish your HR headache and want honest, reliable HR guidance then please get in touch today.

CC in HR partners with leaders to address HR challenges, provide HR advice, grow high performing teams and  build great places to work.


Spending too much on coffee?

Are HR challenges driving up your caffeine intake?

HR matters giving you a headache?

Is staff turnover too high?
Is your talent eroding?
Do you have a s
kills shortage?

Are your policies out of date? 

Challenges are not the issue. It's how we respond to them that matters.

Kouzes & Posner

I worked alongside Claire for almost a year, as she covered the maternity leave of our People Director. Coming into Frontier is always a challenge for anyone with experience of other organisations; our culture and values can take a while to navigate, and Claire joined as we hit the peak of some of our internal assessment cycles. I was thoroughly impressed with how Claire did this, whilst always retaining the right balance between being calm and professional, but also engaging and fun. She covered a lot of ground very quickly, earned a lot of respect and made a lot of friends. I recommend her to anyone and hope she will stay in touch in the future with her new friends at Frontier.

Simon  Gaysford

Director and Co-Founder at Frontier Economics

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Claire Clifford, Chartered MCIPD

07743 856083

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