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Privacy Statement

The privacy and data security of all our clients is of utmost importance. This statement outlines how CC in HR uses and stores personal data. 


All information shared between CC in HR and its clients remains between Claire Clifford and the named client.


There are no other employees or third parties currently associated with CC in HR.


Your data is solely used between agreed parties to work together. 


Electronic files are secured and protected online via finger printed or password activated authentication.


Any use of mobile devises such as USB will be encrypted and all paperwork is stored securely.


No financial data is held about individuals or businesses, and payments are made via bank transfer.


What information does CC in HR retain?

  • name, address, contact details, role and organisation

  • business documentation for the purpose of completing assignments

  • training records and project summaries shared as agreed

  • handwritten notes taken during meetings or coaching sessions [where possible, they will be scanned and the original securely destroyed]

  • Email written correspondence received and sent


Unless explicitly agreed in writing, personal data is not shared with third parties or disclosed or sold for any commercial purposes.

Retention of personal information


Data will be retained for the duration of any contract for services and for 12 months following the end date or service or payment [whichever comes last].

How to find out more


If you have any questions about how personal data is stored or if you wish to have your details removed, please email

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