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Flexible HR Support for Small & Medium Business

Need HR Advice Now?

The measures in place to combat the spread of Covid-19 are affecting many businesses large and small. If you do not have an HR team you may be feeling a little lost or confused. 


As a business leader, your employees will be looking to you for all the answers. CC in HR can support you in managing  employee relation matters throughout this uncertain time.

Do you need advice on furlough, redundancy, lay-offs or general ER advise?

If you find yourself needing fast, reliable HR support give me a call...

Initial 20 mins are FREE

I can also offer a cost effective pay as you go option for any follow-ups

Leadership & Home Working

Running a business and leading a firm remotely requires an abundance of skills that may not be in the kit bag of every leader out there. It takes additional planning, creative thinking and  sometimes a little trial and error before we get it right!

At a time of change, it is important that internal communication increases from leaders, motivation support is increased and at some point in the future the top talent you originally hired will need to increase their skills so personal development should remain on the agenda.


Once you and your team are back on the road (and you will be) you'll need your stars to still be shining and their skills to be better than your competitors!


Why not get in touch and let me help you manage and lead your remote workers, keeping your top talent motivated and engaged.

My top tip for leaders at a time of significant change is to be AUTHENTIC 

  • be yourself, not false

  • be true to your beliefs, your values are you

  • be open, share your thoughts and feelings 

  • be in this moment

At the end of the day, you have been a great leader of people in the physical workplace so you can be a great leader of people in  the remote workplace too.

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