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Blog #1 Same job, New co-workers; Different routines

How many people have longed to be based at home, reduce their commuting time and spend more time with their family?

Many of us I am sure! 😊


Back in 2018 I made it happen and set my own business CC in HR Ltd, two years on I am used to working alone in my peaceful office at home, following my own well-crafted routine and keeping myself motivated.

With the current uncertainty and frankly scary times many people will now be working from home. New found co-workers [many under the age of 18], different routines, yet trying to do the same job! Even those of us who normally work from home are adapting our normal place of work to accommodate new buddies and alternative routines!

BUT, think for a minute, those of us lucky enough to still be working, still have an income and staying in, we’ve got a little bit of what we wished for; our commute has reduced, we see those living with us more [a lot in fact!] and we work in new but familiar surroundings.

We can take some positives from this testing time, especially if we look after each other, be kind and find our new routines!

I’ve mentioned routine a lot in this blog, in fact 4 times already, I think! I’ve not forgotten there is a thesaurus, I’ve wanted to highlight that routines are underestimated, planning is often avoided. However, this is what has helped me be a successful home worker for the past 2 years.

What helped me?

- Plan each day in advance, weekly if you can but at least the night before

Getting up knowing what you have planned will help motivation and a reason to rise and shine

- Write it down, pen & paper if best for me but others use online to do lists

I like to see what I need to do, tick it off when it’s done. Looking back on what I’ve achieved that day is instant feedback & celebration

- Be kind to yourself, have a break, have lunch, go for a walk

If you were in an office or on the road, you’d stop, chat at the photocopier, join others for lunch or stretch your legs – do the same!

- Keep it manageable – hourly blocks

The question: What is the best way to eat an elephant? bite size chunks… Don’t try to do everything all at once – let's face it we could have a few months of working remotely on our hands. You may be used to be interrupted by colleagues at your desk, or the phone ringing when you’ve just started a task.

- Engage with those at home and be proud

You may be used to being interrupted by colleagues at your desk, or the phone ringing when you’ve just started a task. Embrace the chance for a break, use the same delay tactics as you would in the office. My 10 year old son loves it if he sees a meeting in my diary with him, to chat times tables, SPAG or comprehension. We even have a home economics meeting!

Finally, let's acknowledge change is hard at the easiest of times especially if change is not something we were prepared for, give yourself a high five for making a great start and look out for my future blogs where I will continue to give practical tips, share my thoughts and experience. This way we can help each other to learn and grow as we travel this new journey together.

All the best, stay well



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