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Blog #11 - How to make tough decisions.

Most of us are finding the need to make tough decisions daily at the moment, however, I would say they are just tougher than others we've had to make in the past. We have always had to make tough decisions, they were just different and had alternative impacts. Leading a company, raising a family, starting uni - they all involve tough decisions and most of our choices were made using a personal strategy, careful consideration and evaluation. Now is no different. What is different is the fact that maybe we haven't planned on having to make these choices now and that is the hard bit that we've not faced before. Remember making those hard, yet right decisions in the past? The process you followed? Achieving the outcome and impact you had planned? Good, now follow those steps again you can do it! If you have a mind block here are some pointers to help you...

First major rule - take time to think.. Big decisions require you to feel comfortable that you have explored various options, run through possible outcomes and given yourself time to reflect.

Another first major rule - make sure it is you making the decision not others decisions that you are executing. Be authentic, stand by your values and the message will be much easier to deliver.

Additional rules to follow

- Think medium and longer term, short term actions can be reactionary and emotional

- Be aware of decision fatigue, try to focus on one step at a time.

- Talk it through with someone you trust. Avoid seeking many opinions.

- Think about the wider impact of your decisions, sadly often the hard ones are the right ones for the wider benefit of others.

- Ask for help - don't be too proud, there are experts out there who can support you in process


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