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Blog #3 - Leadership with change

I don't know about you but my leadership skills have been tested since the isolation period kicked in and the schools kicked out!

Over my many years of working with C-Suite colleagues and leading diverse teams in the workplace, I have always been proud of my authentic leadership style and the ability to remain calm under pressure. But now they are being stretched to the limit... Today's example (before 10am) was negotiating: Maths & SPaG with a 10 year old (only two weeks into isolation) who I adore more than anything in this world - but who is really pushing those buttons...

Taking my own advice, I have been daydreaming out of the window recalling the content of those leadership courses I ran and bingo it came to me - my authentic leadership style, values and beliefs has my back again.

At a time of change, those who depend on us want an authentic true leader, reassurance and effective communication. They don't want to see somebody who is not familiar to them, experiencing behaviours that they have not seen before or witness a communication style that is alien. What I am trying to say in short is - be yourself at times of change.

Back to my negotiation comment earlier, I would never as a leader of people raise my voice, show disappointment or cut people off mid-sentence, but this is exactly what I did to Miles, my new co-worker aged 10 and a bit 😒 Reverting back to the real me, which listens to others, shows compassion and always aims for a win-win outcome now has a happy co-worker who has not only done his school work but has written a blog, helped make lunch and even found time to play with his friends (remotely of course!) - RESULT. People follow people and they follow you further when you are yourself.

If you are a leader at this time of change and need some support maintaining your authentic style, motivating your team remotely or need fast reliable HR advice - COVID-19 or otherwise feel free to reach out to me, I'd be happy to help


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