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Blog #4 Adaptability

Official definition: an ability or willingness to change in order to suit different conditions. Adaptability is a necessary quality in an ever-changing work environment.


Who feels like the world is spinning so fast yet we are getting nowhere? Yesterday I sure did have one of these days. If you've read my previous blogs you will know that I am routined, planned and an organised person but yesterday I have felt like a chameleon. Adapting to situations is something that I am now beginning to get used to, some changes have been funny others interesting and few even sad. Did I ever think I would be asking my Husband to step in to the role of Sammi from HOB, to cut my hair? NEVER. Sadly a dear friend lost a relative to this bloody Covid-19 and I am trying to drive my HR consultancy business as a service to help others.

I am grateful that I temporarily found the pause button in the afternoon and took back control.

How did I do this? I rekindled my trusted 'Circle of Control'. Focusing on me, what I think, say & do. Asking myself the question, "What can I do to influence the impact on me?"

If you are struggling to gain control during this unprecedented time, try follow these 6 steps to get back in the green:

1 - Breathe, sounds silly but focusing on your breathing using a breath app or click here to help you.

2 - Acknowledge change happens, you cannot stop it but you can influence how you react, this is in your gift. Even good

change can be stressful.

3 - Make a plan! Write down the problem/situation and brain dump all solutions and ideas that are racing around in your mind, you'll find the answer in there somewhere.

4 - Share, have a rant, share your concern and your plan. Getting help from someone you trust on a subject matter expert. If you cannot share with somebody else tell yourself out loud the concern you have and the plan you created. Limit the negative element and elaborate on the action you are taking

5 - Look after your health, eat well, sleep and exercise - you could try out some of the free classes - PE with Joe Wicks is a favourite in our house - I can personally confirm that more focus on your own well-being really does help!

6 - Embrace agility, what can you adapt, 'ironing board as a standing desk' , 'hair cutting husband', 'co-worker children', who in your network can help you regain control?

If you are feeling overwhelmed, don't go it alone there are professionals out there to talk to...



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