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Blog #6 Leadership - Seriously Trump?

WARNING: Sorry.. I am having a little rant today!

Any of my regular readers, clients and friends will know how much I praise authentic leadership as the only way to truly inspire others to follow you. Built on your own core values, sharing thoughts and feelings with others is the greatest way to be a leader of people; in business and beyond.

This morning I almost lost it! Thank goodness I am in-tune with my values and a sense of pride which quickly brought me back to ground...

Donald Trump, the most powerful man on the planet, has a childish meltdown live on TV. Why? Because he didn't like the questions being asked. Seriously Mr Trump - you are a grown man, you have to take the good and the bad, we all do.

Anyone staying at home [doing as they have been told to do in the UK and most of the world] could be tempted to have their own meltdown daily for so many reasons, we are losing loved ones, jobs, sanity and worrying about what the future may hold. But we are not spitting out our dummies! Imagine if the head of well known organisations acted like this, who would work for them, who would buy from them, who would listen to them?

Mr Trump, if by any chance you are reading this, then give me a call we can discuss 121 leadership coaching sessions. I can share with you how to respond to difficult questions like the ones my young son has been asking over the past 3 weeks... 'Are we all going to die mummy ?' What about Santa, will he be ok?' 'What will happen to people with no home or money?', 'Will I ever see my friends again?'. These are tough questions for which I don't or can't answer. But with compassion, care and kindness I do.

Everyone can be a leader, everyone has leadership skills that can be enhanced.

Take up the challenge to be authentic and true to you and others. Most of all #bekind!

Rant is over and thank you all for reading 😊


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