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Hole in One!

6 week in to isolation shielding and I think I am doing pretty well! Ok I have limited clients right now but feel I have converted my clients into networks , friends and peers, this feels like a hole in one - you can talk the same talk and share the same thoughts.

The day [well yesterday as it is is now past midnight] turned out to be a pretty good one despite closing off all work and entering a period of furloughing myself - a rather strange concept. With this said I am not too sure people really understand the impact of furlough! As a leader and HR expert I have plenty of experience of change management, OD and dismissals but the concept of doing nothing is something pretty scary...

Not just the initial 'umm what am I doing' but also the heightened sensitivity and worry of what's next. It doesn't take much to feel a little down or knocked. SO I say stop... Think more creativity and don't let things or other people impact your positivity... Those who bring you down, put them at arm's length, find others who build you up. Find your own hole in one - find actions to take that reaffirm your qualities, locate new interest and go smash it! Don't let external factor impact your internal strength!


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