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As we return to the 'new for now' normal, we must as leaders continue to focus on #wellbeing. We must create a 'whole-firm' culture that embraces the wellbeing of all staff. Sometimes we have unconscious thoughts and actions that perceive some people are ok whilst others are not - we may focus on those who have been #shielding as we think they will find it harder than those who have been more free. This is a dangerous approach.

Having a strong wellbeing plan that is #accessible and applies to #everyone whatever their role or situation will ensure that as a leader you are supporting everyone, you will avoid any unconscious or conscious bias leading decision making and support equality pushing out the positivity of #discrimination.

A well crafted plan, supporting material and activities will help alleviate headaches all round, provide clear roles and responsibilities for all.

Putting in this effort now even if you think there are no issues will proactively empower

staff to use tools to own their own wellbeing, maintain a #happier workforce and secure higher levels of productivity.

The one size approach does not fit all, at CC in HR we can help you craft a wellbeing plan, recommend external support and of course help upskill your managers to feel more confident in managing wellbeing matters of others and their own. 

If you feel you need some support in building a plan, upskilling managers, creating a policy please get in touch...

07743 856083


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