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Never too old to learn...

...I don't know about you, but I certainly recall my elders saying this...

We jest that we 'learn something new everyday' but what if we make it our mission to actually do so. No matter how small, seize every opportunity to increase one's #skills, #knowledge and #abilities.

It's all well and good having this neat, simple goal but how do you get access to new experiences, especially now we are working from home, on #furlough or losing our jobs? The 'how' may actually be easier than you think. Below I have shared some of the ways in which I have increased my skills and knowledge portfolio, plus a couple more you could consider:

  • Revisit the basics - My 11 year old started secondary school this year and homework is piling up plus supporting home learning has given me the #opportunity to step back in time and revisit the rules of algebra, oxford commas, and word structures - all fun stuff!

  • Enrol on a freebie course, something useful or interesting - #mentalhealth and #wellbeing is vitally important more now than ever, so I've signed up to learn more, online and FREE. #Google 'free courses' and you'll be amazed what is out there and #flexible enough to fit in around home-schooling, home-working and housework!

  • PowerPoint/Excel - It drives me crazy when I see others whizzing around these packages, so a quick search on #YouTube because I am unable to set up slide masters, formatting and more...

  • Fancy changing your #career altogether then why not checkout #apprenticeships - No longer are they only for the 'young'. In fact apprenticeships are available to anyone over the age of 16, living in England and they have no upper age limit. Plus there are many levels of entry from #GCSE to #Degree level, check out the 100s of options that maybe available

  • Become a volunteer - even if you are in full-time employment, your employer may offer a #volunteering day, look to support an organisation where you can gain access to the skills you are looking to uplift, or maybe broaden a skill you have within another sector.


*** MASTER TIP ***

Make a Plan - Explore what you would most like to learn and why

when you achieve it you'll feel great


It takes a lot of courage and self patience to try something new so why don't you get in touch I'd be happy to share more insight and offer a 20 minute free #coaching session.

Claire Clifford MCIPD

07743 856083


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