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Return to work... More than just a form!

Hands up all HR teams members who agree??"?"

- a return to work process in the past was really a 'cover your arse form' for most managers - right? But now after 6-12 weeks apart from team members a return to work concept is far more.

Who has started to think about re-integration? How will we as HR professionals help the business get back to it's 'new norm'? In the coming weeks this will be a big part of HR and leadership teams planning. It is vital plans are made, not only to adhere to government guidelines and instructions, but also to fit with business and employee needs.

Some people now have proven that working remotely works and productivity remains high; whilst others are suffering from the lack of face to face team interaction.

How do we ensure that employee and business needs are met? We must use innovation and past learnings to help us. What does our business need and how best do we serve this need? Ask further questions on how do we make the most of the new learnings and ways of working... Can we use the recent business adaptations to make us more client and employee friendly? Does it allow us to support our employees and clients more, satisfy their demands and create better opportunities for all?

I ask everyone to use this past period of unpredictability and adaptation to reflect more deeply and to embrace a true return to work evaluation. We can learn alot from one another.


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