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Spring clean your space

When the sun shines, the days feel better, work seems easier and the dirty windows show! Many of us reach for those dusters and embark on that spring clean we know and [some of us] love!

But rarely do we think about our workspace or minds... Spending many hours in a office means that a tidy clean working environment is vitally important to our mental and physical wellbeing, plus it impacts our productive and client first impression.

Oh and don't forget GDPR! Take time out to shred that old paperwork, file those business

publications that you thought you may need for that useful article and get rid of those freebies! They take up desk room.

Don't forget to give your equipment a clean. Did you know there could be up to 7,500

bacteria on your keyboard at anyone time?

Once you've reorganised and sanitized your physical working space move on to your mind: make sure you spend time on you, for you.

Mindfulness adds that extra spring in your step

Decluttering your mind may sound crazy and something that 'is not for me', but as they say, don't knock it until you have tried it!

Tidying your desk and cleaning out cupboards results in creating space; this is the same with

your mind. Have a go...

  • start by finding 5-10 mins in your day and a peaceful place

  • relax by taking a deep breath

  • focus on your breathing and nothing else

  • count your breaths 1 to 10 and start over

  • distractions can happen, just start back at 1 again...

  • notice you! your breathing, your stillness, your movement. Listen to your wishes

  • when you are feeling peaceful, ready and calm take a stretch and bring your session to a close

If you want to learn more, why not try apps like

Once you listen to your wishes, create a plan to make them come true...


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