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Stress is a weird old thing!

Yesterday I found stress unmanageable at parts of the day - 100 & 1 things all at once, work, clients, family demands all coming in at the same time - I would say that a meltdown was imminent. But thankfully over the years I have my old faithful 'toolkit' that kicks in and fixes this for me with some personal power & mindfulness. I regained a sense of control.

This morning, the same pressures where there and added to that was my son forgetting his footie kit for afterschool club - His stress when it came to 3pm would have been way past the meltdown point and being so young he hasn't had the opportunity as yet to build up his own toolkit... So my pressures and 9am deadlines had already enhanced my focus to the point of increased attention; giving me the power to kick ass before 8.30. Adding in this forgotten footie kit raised my stress levels to a point of significant self power... My solution focused mind kicked in and a quick drive up the road to try and catch him (having not driven for a few months due to lockdown) saved the day, the smiles and gratitude were in abundance.

Having a personal toolkit that you can draw on when things are just not feeling optimal is so important. My stress levels were identical yesterday and today but it was the support and personal power that lead to positive results and a better sense of control.

I challenge you all to think about what you have in your toolkit, if you have gaps don't stress about it find a solution, seek to fill the gaps with knowledge, internal control and support from others. Knowing you have the kit to lean on makes all the difference.

If you feel you that coaching could support you top up your toolkit then please do get in touch with me - I offer a complimentary 20 minute session. If stress is becoming too much to handle right now - shout out for help, contact your GP, or MIND.

You may also consider filling your toolkit with alternative solutions and support such as hypnotherapy and challenging your inner self critique - Denise at Lifefix is fantastic at supporting you in banishing self sabotage.

The main takeaway from this 2 minute read - is give yourself all the tools you need to make your life more manageable!

Call Claire on 07743 856083 or visit Denise's page here to find out more


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