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KINDNESS: teachable or contagious

What's your view?

When I started processing my thoughts on this subject I was firmly on the page that it is taught, your family morals, your teachers' rules and your community expectations; forming how you should behaviour and sharing the skills to be kind.


I remember my mum firming saying phrases like ’what goes around comes around’ ‘ treat others how you would like to be treated’ and then as I pondered further actually it was what she did not what she said that made the long lasting impressions.

The positive effects from my mum’s kind heart, warm ways and support style still lives on today [sadly I lost her nearly 20 years ago and miss her everyday] so my vote now moves to contagious… It feels good to be kind, to help others and make a difference…


Check out this fact sheet, I found it interesting and you may wish consider following the action for happiness challenge of the day:

Be kind, especially when your first instinct is not be to kind to help you decide and to see the wide benefits from kindness.

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