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Fun Friday Folks!

Friday's are regarded by many as being the best day of the working week and I get that, if you work 'regular hours' then you've made it, you've completed your Monday to Friday routine. But a thought must go out to others who thankfully have Friday [and the weekend] as their 'regular hours', doctors, nurses, store teams and traffic control agents, to name but a few!

Happy Friday

Research conducted at Lincoln University suggests to have proven that 'Mondays really do make us blue, Fridays are the happiest day of the working week and ‘dull’ midweek days are easily muddled up – and it’s all due to how the artificial seven-day cycle we live by shapes the way we think' - Interesting!

Back to Friday which for me plays second place to Saturday but way ahead of Sunday... How can we keep focused when Friday's long awaited and wished away for the weekend?

Here are 5 tips to help you make Friday a good one...

  1. Fun Friday - reward yourself with the work you love Save the good stuff for Friday, those tasks you really enjoy, the ones that make you smile, the ones you find rewarding - give yourself a bigger boost today

  2. Daydreamer Alert - be conscious that your mind may be drifting into the weekend early... it's good to have things to look forward to but let's get through to the end of our Friday in style and success.

  3. Friday Friend - If you are looking forward to the weekend, make time for a cuppa today with a colleague and share your plans, that short break and chat will invigorate you and give you a further burst of energy to make today productive

  4. Friday Food - This is an interesting one, some weeks you need a 'Thank Crunchie it's Friday' kinda day with a naughty but nice treat, other weeks reach for the energy loaded snacks that kick in as you move later in the afternoon watching that clock!

  5. Fabulous Finish - end the working week feeling proud of your achievements, work hard right up until the end and reflect back on the weeks positives - you're worth it!

If you wanted to be even more fantastic why not set create next week's do list [or at least Monday's] before you sign off? This could help beat 'Blue Monday'!

Have a fruitful Friday all and thanks again to all those who continue to work throughout the weekend.


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