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Be kind to yourself...

Why are we so hard on ourselves?

As individuals we are supposed to be A1, on top form, top of our game and perform at our best at all times. I feel this is something that starts at birth [sleeping through the night mum to mum competition] and continues through school, work and family life.

I don't know about you but adding to this external demands and expectations it can make me anxious. Our minds are like a pressure cooker which will explode if we keep on adding and don't have a release...

Back in December I begun looking after my mind a bit more and just recently looked back and noticed the positive impact this has had...

Meditation wasn't for me [yet], I started small and made it tangible. Everyday on the commute home I asked myself for one thing that I was proud of and one thing I enjoyed - this has shone me that everyday matters, everyday has a positive and I need to be kinder to myself with words of encouragement.

@Actionforhappiness highlights March as Mindfulness month and has many short daily challenges to help you achieve more positivitiving and self reflection.

Why not start today: listen to how you speak to yourself, and use kind words!

If you feel some external support would be helpful please do give me a call for some free additional hints and tips

Positive Minds

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